A gifted team of lawyers who go the extra mile for our clients and for each other, without taking ourselves too seriously along the way.

Mona El Baba

Who We Are

El Baba Lawyers is a firm that epitomises legal excellence and a commitment to justice of the highest order. Our relentless determination to achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients has made us one of the most renowned firms in Sydney, noted for our willingness to take on cases others wouldn’t.

Driven by a desire to achieve justice for all members of the community regardless of who they are, we approach the law with a unique zeal and passion. Never compromising on excellence, we go above and beyond with a tenacious determination that has become uniquely associated with us.

Our Practice Areas

We bring our firm’s values to life in every area of our practice. While we serve a broad range of clients through all types of legal matters, we are focused on the following core areas of practice for which we are most well known. In each practice area, we combine depth of experience with technical excellence and our hallmark dedication to our clients’ needs.

Our team

Led by Principal Solicitor Mona El Baba, the El Baba Lawyers team is a group of tenacious, dedicated and skilled legal professionals that bring a unique passion to each and every client and case. Combining exceptional “black letter law” skills with the ability to think outside the box, our team is epitomised by an incisiveness that is rare in the law.

Our Blog

Our blog contains our latest perspectives and updates, ranging from our own work to important legal issues on which we choose to shed light. You can read some of our latest publications below.

Success Stories