Family Law

Separation and family breakdown are life-changing and challenging in any scenario. We assist you no matter the situation you face with an empathy and understanding that has become a hallmark of our approach.

We know all too well how difficult relationship breakdowns, child custody, divorce and separation matters can be. Our extensive experience in this space gives us a unique insight into just how challenging these circumstances can be for all involved throughout the family.

Often, what people most value is most at risk during these phases of life. 

Our aim at El-Baba Lawyers is to help you achieve the fairest and best result for your future, your assets and most importantly, your family.

Our firm is committed to providing our expertise to guide families through the family law system in a manner which creates the least burden emotionally, financially and practically. 

We understand that family matters are sensitive and emotionally draining. Our team thus takes a collaborative approach to minimise stress so that you can achieve a favourable outcome and do so with the least challenge to your physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

Our team is defined by its uniquely empathetic but tenacious approach in pursuit of our clients’ objectives. We serve clients through the entire gamut of the family law system, including but not restricted to the following matters:

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