Kamellah Khan Miankhel

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Kamellah Khan Miankhel began her legal career in Pakistan, where she was admitted as a solicitor in 2009. While residing in her home country, Kamellah distinguished herself as an esteemed educator at the Islamic College in Peshawar and the Federal University of Karachi. In 2019, she transitioned her legal career to practice in Australia, where she embarked on a journey to complete her Bachelor of Law at the University of Sydney. Kamellah’s admission to the Supreme Court NSW marked the culmination of the extensive knowledge and expertise she acquired as a law student and paralegal.

Kamellah hails from a Pashtun background and maintains strong ties to the Afghanistan and Pakistani communities in Australia and abroad. She can speak several languages, including Pashto, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. Her passion for the law and dedication to providing the best possible services to clients is truly admirable. With her strong work ethic and eagerness to learn, we have no doubt that Kamellah will excel in her role and embrace all the challenges that come her way.

Throughout her professional career, Kamellah has worked in multiple organisations and domains. She collaborated with universities and colleges as a Planning and Litigation Officer in Peshawar to develop comprehensive strategies for maximum resource generation. Kamellah’s contributions as a member of the National Democratic Institute, promoting youth participation in political parties in Pakistan, were significant. She worked as a Master Trainer on federalism for the Forum of Federation, an international organization. Additionally, Kamellah was a Trainer and facilitator for the Active Citizens Program of the British Council, and her experience in the Alternative Dispute Resolution program with UNDP was noteworthy. Kamellah completed several training courses and certifications on International Humanitarian Law, Creative Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Humanitarian Response, Democratic Good Governance, and Human Rights.