Office Manager

Available 24 Hours/7 Days

In her role as Office Manager, Darla is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of day-to-day operations at El Baba Lawyers. Darla comes from a background in Business and Marketing and Executive Management. Darla has incorporated the wealth of her executive experience that she has gained throughout the years into her current role as Office Manager at El Baba Lawyers.

Darla is a highly organised, detail-oriented, and an excellent communicator. This enables her to effectively collaborate with lawyers, clients, and colleagues. Darla ensures that all clients are well-supported and satisfied with their experience. Darla has a proven track record of success in leading teams and in her previous role as an executive manager. She is proficient in project management, team management, and strategy development.

Outside of work, Darla thrives as a social butterfly, and has a strong focus on family. She cherishes moments spent with loved ones and friends in her free time. We are confident that her strong work ethic, coupled with her dedication in providing exceptional client service, will make her a valuable addition to El Baba Lawyers.