Traffic Law

Negative outcomes following a traffic offence can severely inhibit one’s mobility and quality of life. We help ensure the best possible outcome in any scenario.

Traffic offences can result in the devastating prospect of losing your licence, a criminal record or imprisonment. Our team possesses the experience, expertise and skills to assist you in attaining the best possible outcomes no matter the circumstances. 

We will act for you in serious traffic law matters ranging from High Range drink driving (DUI) to Dangerous and Reckless Driving. We have an outstanding track record in acting for motorists who are either charged with traffic offences or have been involved in an accident.

The consequences for traffic offences can be extremely severe and include licence suspensions, fines and cancellations or even imprisonment. We are aware of how damaging these consequences can be to yourself and your family, and are thus determined to help you achieve the best outcome.

No matter the offence, we treat every matter as serious and critical and work conscientiously to give you the best chance of a positive outcome to your drinking, driving or traffic offence matter.

Mona El Baba and Salah EL Baba

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