Criminal Law

From being incorrectly charged to mitigating the extent of a charge’s impact on you, we work tenaciously to get our clients the best possible outcome.

Whether you are entirely innocent of an alleged crime or have erred in the commitment of an offence, El-Baba Lawyers is there to assist clients to secure the best outcome.

We have extensive experience preparing and managing minor and significant criminal law matters.

The police force, state prosecution and government authorities generally have substantial resources at their disposal when it comes to attempting to convict those faced with a criminal prosecution.

On the other hand, citizens often do not, encumbered as they are by the challenges of personal resources, wealth, class, and other such matters.

Often, this can lead to the wrongful conviction of innocent people, or the handing out of penalties that are far too heavy for the crime committed, without adequate attention paid to mitigating circumstances.

This is why we are extremely passionate about criminal law; we fundamentally believe everyone has the right to a fair and just outcome, with full consideration as to their reality.
El Baba Lawyers is proud to be on your side to help you navigate the complex terrain that is the criminal justice system and ensure that the law is applied fairly to you.

El Baba Lawyers can help you deal with the court system and state prosecution and police services on your behalf. We attend police interviews with you, as well as court hearings, and investigate any allegations made against you.

We assess your criminal matter and give you advice on getting an acquittal or appropriate sentence given your circumstances.

If you admit to a crime, we can help:

In terms of sentencing, we are able to:

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