Corporate & Commercial Law

Combining our technical black-letter expertise with incisive commercial acumen, we provide outstanding advisory and legal advice when it comes to commercial matters.

El-Baba Lawyers specialise in delivering tailored advice to our clients across the most important areas of corporate and commercial law. 

We help clients choose the best strategies at the onset of their ventures (including structuring and contractual matters) which reduce conflict and advance their interests at every turn.

Where things don’t always go to plan as conflicts arise (as they often do) we defend their interests rigorously, helping achieve the best outcome in every situation.

Our talented team assists individuals and large businesses with their most critical legal issues. 

We ensure that we understand our clients’ business by assessing their strategic goals with their best interests in mind. We view litigation as the last option and encourage businesses to save time and money by looking at alternative dispute resolution methods, but, where needed, we are talented commercial litigation experts with an enviable track record. 

We have a significant track record in a wide range of commercial and corporate matters across all business life cycle stages, from incorporation or acquisition, general trading to sale, succession or insolvency. 

El Baba Lawyers also offers a range of property legal services for developers, owners, investors, and tenants that deliver efficient results.

Mona El Baba and Salah EL Baba

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