Commonwealth Offences

Commonwealth offences are policed by the Australian Federal Police and Prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. Commonwealth offences are defined and outlawed by acts passed by the Federal Parliament. 

Criminal Code Act Offences

Offences under the Criminal Code include:

  • Internet offences
  • Telephone related offences
  • Post related offences
  • Computer offences against a commonwealth body
  • Forgery of commonwealth documents
  • Money laundering
  • People smuggling
  • Theft of or receiving stolen commonwealth property
  • War crimes and crimes against humanity

Customs Act Offences

Common offences under the Customs Act 1901 (Cth) include:

  • Smuggling and importing prohibited goods
  • Importing and exporting tier 1 and tier 2 goods
  • Evading paying customs duty

Tax Offences

Tax offences are contained under the Criminal Code Act and the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act. They include:

  • Obtaining property by deception
  • Obtaining a financial benefit by deception
  • Conspiracy to defraud