Wills & Estates

Too often, people leave their estate planning until it is too late. However, having your estate administration prepared is a useful formality that will help you in regard to any family law issues that may arise.  If you need to get your estate in order, it is crucial to receive legal advice from a lawyer. […]

International Family Law

Unique challenges are faced by families who are split across international borders. Disputes between these families have significant effects on both parents and children in various ways. The Australian Central Authority in the Attorney-General’s Department has the responsibility of administering the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Family matters that […]


Separation can take a toll on your financial wellness. Assets and property are built over time with hard work. It becomes challenging to reach a consensus on the division of property amongst couples. Property, for the purposes of the Family Law Act, includes the family home, any investment properties, cars, shares, furnishings and superannuation. Property […]


Subject to any court order, both parents have parental responsibility for a child under 18 when they separate. They both have a duty to support the child financially. The Family Law Act 1975 focuses on the children’s rights and the responsibilities that each parent has towards their children. Shared parental responsibility Under Australian Family Law, […]


There are various types of marriages that are legalised in Australia. For every type of marriage, there are several formal rulings which dictate how they are officially recognised. Same-sex marriage in Australia and elsewhere Same-sex couples and their children are entitled to receive the same level of protection under the law as heterosexual couples and […]

Trial Process

There are many offences which are unable to be finalised in the Local Court, and need to be referred to the District or Supreme Court for determination. If your case is committed to a higher court and you continue to plead not guilty, it will proceed to a trial before a jury or a judge-alone […]

Bail Applications

When arrested and charged with an offence, an individual will be detained in prison or released on bail. The granting of bail allows the individual to be at liberty amongst the community while their matter progresses in court. Once released on bail, an individual will need to follow certain conditions, such as residing at a […]

Commercial Property and Leasing

Commercial Office Leasing and Car Park Leasing A commercial lease, which allows the use of a commercial office or car park, brings legal documents that balance the rights of the landlord and tenant. These documents provide for any eventualities that arise during the agreement, such as damage to the property or if one party defaults. […]

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The word litigation comes from the Latin term meaning ‘dispute.’ Litigation is the process of taking legal action against another party. Commercial litigation touches upon various areas of law and arises when parties fail to act according to binding legal contracts or Australian law.  Contract law  Contracts govern the commercial world and all the businesses […]

Employment agreements

Definition An employment agreement sets out the rights and obligations of an employer and an employee. All terms of an employment agreement are subject to national employment standards or an applicable award. Essential Characteristics The following terms and conditions should be included in employment agreements: