What To Expect From a Family Lawyer in Sydney?


Mona Elbaba

Mona Elbaba

Mona El Baba is the Founder and Principal Solicitor of El Baba Lawyers. A senior lawyer and advocate with over ten years of criminal, children, family, corporate, commercial and civil law experience.

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You may require the services of a family lawyer when dealing with certain family matters, such as a divorce. If you’ve never hired a family lawyer before, you may be curious about the role of a family lawyer and how they can assist you depending on your circumstances. There are different ways through which a family lawyer in Sydney can assist you, and they include the following:

1. Mediating Family Disputes

You may assume that you need to go to court to settle disputes; however, that’s not the case. If an issue is family-related, a family solicitor in Bankstown can look for alternative ways to resolve the dispute. This doesn’t mean that litigation cannot produce a favourable outcome; the main issue is that the litigation process can destroy relationships.

For instance, if the issue at hand involves separation and children are involved, you may want to co-parent, but you haven’t come up with an amicable solution. This is where divorce lawyers in Bankstown step in and ensure that the family members can resolve the dispute with ease.

2. Divorce

Divorce lawyers in Bankstown can ensure that the judicial separation progresses seamlessly. Each lawyer will handle the divorce proceedings depending on the needs of the client. Basically, divorce services are customizable since some clients may need an advocate and advisor at each stage to handle the legal details.

On the other hand, some clients may want limited legal representation such that the lawyer will only be required to review the settlement agreement. In this case, the family lawyer will review the agreement, and they will break down everything for you so that you’ll have a better understanding of the terms that the other party has outlined.

When looking for a family lawyer, you need to choose one that will be a good fit based on your needs.

When You Should Hire a Family Lawyer in Sydney

We have mentioned that a family lawyer can handle the mediation of family disputes and divorce cases. In this case, consider hiring EL Baba Lawyers since we always have the best interests of our clients at heart. Our team of lawyers is experienced, and we can formulate the most suitable form of action based on your needs.

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