4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer


Mona Elbaba

Mona Elbaba

Mona El Baba is the Founder and Principal Solicitor of El Baba Lawyers. A senior lawyer and advocate with over ten years of criminal, children, family, corporate, commercial and civil law experience.

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If you’re thinking about getting a criminal defense lawyer, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here are the top four things to consider when trying to find a reputable criminal defense lawyer.

When searching for the best Criminal Defence Lawyers in Sydney, you want someone who has a lot of experience. As a matter of fact, the top criminal defense lawyer will be able to handle an extensive array of case, especially the type of case that you have.

The Lawyer Should Have A Lot Of Experience

Depending on your particular case, you also want to ensure that the lawyer knows how to win cases in court. More than likely, you may not have to go to court, but if you do have to, you want to be sure that the solicitor knows what he’s doing. Keep in mind that EL Baba Lawyers has a lot of experience.

An expert lawyer knows that the best approach is to settle criminal cases outside of court. For example, a plea deal is often a great option for many clients. Be sure that the lawyer knows this before you become a client.

Make Sure The Solicitor Is Licensed

The next thing that you should look for is an solicitor who is licensed. There are a lot of scams and people pretending to be a licensed criminal lawyer in Bankston, and you don’t want to get taken advantage of.

Check Reviews

The final thing that you should look for is an solicitor with great reviews. You should have no problem finding reviews of an solicitor online. You will definitely want to choose an solicitor who is professional and has a great success rate. This will help you find the best Criminal Defence Lawyers in Sydney.

Trust Our Law Firm For Your Criminal Defense Case

If you’re searching for a law firm with top notch criminal defense lawyers, look no further than El Baba Lawyers. We have represented a large number of criminal defense clients, so you will be in great hands. We guarantee that you will enjoy working with our criminal lawyer in Bankston.

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